Sling Application Guide

Prism Medical Sling Application Guide
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Prism Medical recognizes that one of the biggest challenges facing healthcare facilities is the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries related to patient lifting, transferring and repositioning as “lifting patients is the leading cause of work-related injury for nursing personnel” (Colling et al., 2004). As a strong supporter of the “minimal lift” standard, Prism Medical is dedicated to lowering costs associated with healthcare worker and client injuries and providing solutions to meet facility's needs. 

With that said, we strongly believe that with any lift system the sling is a very important component to the system, as it is the only link between the client and the lifting device. Appropriate sling selection and application is integral in ensuring the safety of the interaction between the client and the lifting device.

Our dedicated employees are pleased to offer the Sling Guide to assist in the selection, application, assessment and care of all Prism Medical slings.  Because at Prism Medical, our job is not complete until everyone who operates our patient lift slings is trained.

For more information on applying a lift sling, selecting a sling, FAQs, and other helpful information, please download our sling application guide.