SINA Comfort Shower Trolley

The best solution for safe and comfortable showering …

The SINA shower trolley offers the ideal way of giving the resident a safe, comfortable and dignified shower. The transfer from bed to shower trolley takes place by moving it sidewards to the bed and using a transfer aid to move onto the shower trolley. The maintenance- free metal side-rail hinges have been designed to withstand extreme weight and offer dependable safety for the residents and the staff. Sina provides you with advantages for safe showering and care: Electrical height adjustment, stable scissor-system, tiltable siderail with safety joints, extension of mattress by adjustable rail, positive and negative tilt adjustment of surface, comfortable padded shower mattress.



  • Electric height adjustment
  • Comfortable padded shower mattress
  • Withstands extreme weight
  • Maintenance-free metal side rail hinges
  • Flexible water drainage hose
  • Adjustable rail with safety joints for extension of shower surface
  • Dimension: length: 160 (174 cm x 76 cm) 200 (204 cm x 76 cm) XXL (204 cm x 90 cm)
  • Lifting range: (low/high) 54 cm / 86.5 cm
  • Power supply: 120 Volts
  • Lift motor: 24 volt motor with manual emergency lowering
  • Maximum patient weight: 250kg (550lbs)
  • SINA Shower Trolley Brochure
  • SINA COMFORT XXL electric shower trolley Part # 930510008
  • SINA COMFORT Electric 200 shower trolley Part # 930507308
  • SINA COMFORT Electric 160 shower trolley Part # 930507408