Positioning Slings

The Positioning Sling is intended to be permanently in place as part of the bedding. The sling has four pairs of straps and features loops to support the head in various positions. Re-positioning and turning, done manually under time pressure, poses a significant risk of injury to caregivers. The Positioning Sling is designed to address that risk. The sling is also used for transfers to other horizontal surfaces.

Used for re-positioning a client in bed while in a horizontal position. Slings outfitted with tabs assist in securing the sling to the bed, as the tabs are tucked under the mattress.

Positioning Sling - Prism Medical Canada

Standard Features

  • Color coded loops for identification and noted in individual's care plan for later reference
  • Covered strap connections points to protect the skin
  • Sling label serves as a sling information reference
  • User care plan is supplied with every sling
  • Guide handles to facilitate correct handling during transfers
  • Center markers assists the caregiver in correctly positioning the sling

Patient Positioning Sling - Prism Medical

To Position In Bed / Transfer To Flat Surface



1. Introduce the sling by turning the individual towards you, so that they are positioned on their side. Fold the sling in half and lay it flat behind the individual. The top of the sling should be level with the top of the head, and the bottom should be above the back of the knee.

2. Turn the individual onto their back, and ensure they are positioned in the middle of the sling.



3. From one side, the four sling straps can be attached to the carry bar hooks as detailed. The
remaining four sling straps can now be attached in a similar manner.

4. Raise the bar just enough to produce tension on the straps, and ensure that all straps are securely attached. The individual is now ready to be positioned towards the head of the bed, or
transferred to a stretcher or other surface.

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  Position Green

 Position Sling w/ Blue Mesh - Prism Medical Canada

Position Sling - (36" x 51")
Product Numbers:

Position Sling w/ Tabs - (42"x78")
Product Numbers:

Position Sling Blue Mesh -
Product Numbers:

507800 - White
507802 - Green

507803 - White
507804 - Green

507810 - (36"x70")
507811 - (42"x78")
507814 - (56"x78")




Position Sling (36"x70")
Product Numbers:

Position Sling (42"x78")
Product Numbers:

Positioning Patient Specific Sling
Product Number:

507805 - White
507807 - Green

507808 - White
507809 - Green


Sizing Guidelines

Prism Medical offers a wide range of standard sizes to be sure to accommodate the needs of a diverse patient/resident population. It is important that the caregiver ensures that there is never strap in contact with the skin. If this occurs, it is often an indication that the sling is too small. Here are some general guidelines for sizing Prism Medical slings.

Prism Medical Canada Sling Sizing Guidelines

Remember to use your best clinical judgment when choosing a sling size which best fits your patient. People come in all different shapes and sizes and two people may weigh the same or be the same height but require different sized slings.
If the patient weighs over 400lbs a sling consultation is recommended. Please call (866) 891-6502

Washing Instructions

The sling should be inserted into a washer/laundry bag prior to being placed into the washer. This is to prevent any unusual wear and tear of the sling by the agitator and/or other parts of the washing machine.

  • Use mild detergent.
  • Set washing machine to Warm wash/cold rinse cycle.
  • Do not dry on steam pipes, conventional heaters, wood stoves, or other similar devices.
  • Tumble dry on air/fluff cycle only, or hang dry.
  • Do not use chlorine based bleach.
  • Do not dry clean.

Support Materials

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