Patient Lifts

Prism Medical Canada provides products and services that allow you to care for yourself or someone else, independently, in your home. Independence includes help with a transfer from bed to wheelchair, moving into and out of a bath, or toileting.

No one solution fits all. Sometimes the best solution is a transfer sheet. Sometimes it´s a floor lift. Sometimes it´s a ceiling lift. Sometimes the best solution changes with your needs.  Prism Medical Canada manufactures a full range of products dedicated to providing you independence in the most practical and cost-effective manner possible. We can provide the right product to fit your needs.

Ceiling Lifts

 Fixed Ceiling Lifts - Prism Medical Canada


 Portable Patient Lifts - Prism Medical Canada

C-Series Fixed Ceiling Lifts

A-Series Fixed Ceiling Lifts

P-Series Portable Ceiling Lifts


Free Standing Lift Systems

FST- 300 Freestanding Lift System - Prism Medical Sequoia Free Standing Lift System from Prism Medical Pressure Fit Lift System from Prism Medical
FST-300 Free Standing Track Sequoia Patient Lift Pressure Fit System
4-Post Tier Lift System from Prism Medical T-Shape Tier Lift System from Prism Medical 3-Post Tier Bath Lift System from Prism Medical
Square 4-Post Tier System T-Shape 3-Post Bedroom System Cross Shape 3-Post Bath System

Floor Lifts


CARLO Comfort Alu EP Floor Lift

CARLO Comfort Alu EP 230 Floor Lift CARLO Classic Alu Floor Lift
   FGA-300 Portable Lift - Prism Medical FGA-450 Mobile Lift - Prism Medical
CARLO Classic Alu 230 Floor Lift FGA-330 Portable Lift   FGA-450 Mobile Lift  
  FGA-700 Bariatric Lift - Prism Medical  
  FGA-700 Bariatric Lift   

Sit-to-Stand Lifts

   SGA-440 Portable Patient Floor Lift - Prism Medical | Canada
NORA Alu Sit-to-Stand Lift   SGA-440 Sit-to-Stand Lift