NORA Alu Sit-to-Stand Lift

The Nora Alu was designed for clients who still have the ability to actively participate while being safely and comfortably transported and transferred. The use of the Nora Alu allows the possibility of improving the client’s musculoskeletal system and therefore circulation.

The Nora Alu is characterized by its light design; its frame, lifting column and add-on components are made of 100% aluminum. The lifting arm has two attachment points to affix the clip belt and features flexible knee pads that are adjustable to 3 heights facilitating the client to come to a comfortable stand upright position independent of his/her height. The Nora Alu legs are electrically spreadable, all electrical components are splash water resistance, facilitating assisted transfers and toileting by a single caregiver.

CARLO Classic ALU HD Floor Lift
  • Triple adjustable extra soft double knee pads
  • Two sling attachment points for different patient heights
  • Standard clip sling attachments can be replaced with loop pins for use with loop style slings
  • Hand control with battery charge status
  • Lightweight aluminum design
  • Electrically spreadable frame
  • Double castors for easy movement
  • Ergonomic patient handles
  • Manual emergency lowering
  • Max. weight of patient: 200 kg / 440 lbs
  • Total weight: 50.7 kg / 111 lbs
  • Total length: 1,027 mm / 40.43 in
  • External width of closed carrier frame: 700 mm / 27.55 in
  • Internal width of spread carrier frame: 897 mm / 35.31 in
  • Height of carrier frame: 126 mm / 4.96 in
  • Min. lifting height: 898 mm / 35.35 in
  • Max. lifting height: 1,726 mm / 67.95 in
  • Total height: 1,168 mm / 45.98 in
  • Battery: 24 V