The Mutiglide is a loop of low friction anti-statically treated nylon fabric. The Multiglide allows for easy multi-directional movement of a client in bed, making them ideal for repositioning clients in bed. Multiglides are available in five (5) sizes.

Bulk pricing is also available.

One Way Glides

The One Way Glide is a loop of low friction nylon with an outer surface of anti-slip material. The combination of low friction nylon and brushed nylon fibers on the inside enables the material to glide in one direction only. Arrows indicate the direction of the glide.

One Way Glides are designed to prevent clients from sliding down in the chair or the bed. One Way Glides are also available with a quilted velour cover for added comfort.

4-Way Glide

The 4-Way Glide is a two part system specifically developed to assist caregivers to reposition clients in bed.

The bottom sheet is a low friction nylon. The top quilt has a low friction underside with an area of non slip fabric to "lock" the system in place.