Free Standing Lift Systems

Prism Medical Canada's Free Stand Systems support a more effective transfer system than the traditional mobile lift. Embracing a lightweight and economical design, our Free Stand Systems come ready to use and are easily assembled by one person in minutes.

Free Standing Systems do not require installation, mounting or pressure fit with the ceiling making them ideal for rental situations or where ceiling lift and permanent tack installations are not possible or difficult.

Our Free Stand Systems can provide a cost-effective solution for both temporary and permanent applications.

 FST-300 Free Standing Track Patient Lift - Prism Medical Canada

 Prism Medical Canada's Sequoia Free Standing Patient Lift System

 Prism Medical Canada's Pressure Fit Patient Lift System

FST-300 Free Standing Track

Sequoia Patient Lift

Pressure Fit System

Prism Medical Canada's Square 4-Post Tier System

Prism Medical Canada's T-Shape 3-Post Bedroom System.

Prism Medical Canada's Cross Shape 3-Post Bath System

Square 4-Post Tier System

T-Shape 3-Post Bedroom System

Cross Shape 3-Post Bath System