Prism Medical Educational Programs

Prism Medical is passionate about education.  Our programs are designed to ensure that health care professionals, support staff, caregivers and clients themselves are confident and competent in the prescription, usage and application of all our lines of moving and handling equipment. 

Standard In-Service Training

Prism Medical and our extensive network of dealers are able to provide education based on building knowledge and skills for product usage and application.  If you have purchased a Prism Medical product please contact your dealer to schedule an in-service.

Moving and Handling Certification Program

The Prism Medical Moving and Handling Certification program is a tri-level certification program focused on advancing skills with moving and handling clinical practice, education and program development.  These full one day workshops are based on current evidence and emerging best practices.  Course registrants are regulated health care professionals, peer leaders and program directors.   

  • Level 1: The Moving and Handling Clinician
    A full one- day course focused on assessment techniques, hands on skills and product awareness.

  • Level 2: The Moving and Handling Educator
    A full one- day course focused on reviewing Level 1 knowledge and providing training on risk assessment and successful techniques for teaching a variety of audiences in moving and handling.

To learn more about these programs or to register for one of our upcoming programs, please visit the Prism Medical Education Programs.