Avero Phoenix Tub

Beka Avero Premium Lifting Tub The Phoenix Avero Tub from Beka is made from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), creating a sleek and sophisticated design that uses the highest technology in lifting tubs available. Developed in conjunction with nurses and occupational therapists, the Phoenix creates a relaxing bathing experience for the resident.

The AVERO Phoenix tub is freely accessible from underneath on three sides and it can be easily used with bath lifts even in restricted spaces and narrow rooms. The lowered leg area and the specially adjusted back profile of the tub body form a balanced ergonomic inner shape of the tub, which allows the resident to lie down in the tub in a relaxed and ergonomic manner. The seating position is also equipped with a hygienic opening section that facilitates easy access for intimate cleaning.


  • Electronic panel control with membrane key pad featuring user friendly icons
  • Hygienic opening in seating area for easy access to clean intimate areas
  • Designed ergonomically and accommodates all type of lift systems
  • Height adjustable to reduce potential injuries for both the patient and caregiver
  • Autofilling feature
  • Easy to clean smooth surface
  • Fully accessible from three sides of the tub
  • Contoured arm rests and grab handles
  • Double scalding protection for both tub spout and hand held shower head
  • Additional options include: Aromatherapy system, LED light therapy system, air spa systems, music and sound system, removable tub shortener and an integrated disinfection system
  Avero Phoenix 190 Avero Phoenix 170
Overall dimension 2,284 x 890 mm / 89.82 x 35.04 inches 2,134 x 890 mm / 84.02 x 35.04 inches
Lifting range 680 - 1,080 mm / 26.77 x 45.52 inches 680 - 1,080 mm / 26.77 x 45.52 inches
Max. patient weight 220 kg / 485 lbs 220 kg / 485 lbs
Capacity (w/o patient) approx 220 l approx 190 l
Safe working load (SWL) 300 kg / 661 lbs (patient and water) 300 kg / 661 lbs (patient and water)

Power supply

120 V 120 V
Frequency 60 Hz 60 Hs
Current Consumption 7.0 A (840 VA) 7.0 A (840 VA)
  • Avero Phoenix 170 Tub: 278910
  • Avero Phoenix 190 Tub: 278911
*Contact your dealer representative for options and accessories