A-Series Fixed Ceiling Lifts

C-300 Ceiling Lift - Prism Medical Canada

The A-Series Ceiling lifts from Prism Medical represent the next generation in lifting and handling technology. The A-Series lifts are offered  for maximum loads of 450 lbs. and 625 lbs., named respectively the A-450 and A-625.  The A-series features a user friendly handset for easy and comprehensive operation providing real time information on its display for its 3 modes of operation: control, weighing and diagnostic.

In addition to the new enhanced controls, the A-Series Ceiling Lifts from Prism Medical offer a variety of other features including a new trolley design that reduces turnaround time for service,  a 15 degree motor tilt to help facilitate repositioning during lifting and transferring activities, optional WiFi for ease access of STATS and diagnostics information, antimicrobial strap with wear indicators, emergency down, emergency stop to name a few of them.

With four power/charging options, including return to charge, continuous charge, the new On-Cable charging feature, and  external handset wall cradle, this lift can be used in a variety of settings.

The  optional integrated weight mode, eliminates the need for additional weight accessories providing better clearance during the lift and transfer process.

An A-series lift enables patients to be lifted and transferred in a comfortable, safe and dignified manner, meanwhile making the healthcare experience better.

  • Comes with one of three interactive handset controls (model of handset control varies based on lift options and track configurations) featuring three modes of operation for lift control settings, weighing and a diagnostic mode.
  • Battery life indicator featured prominently on handset control.
  • Carry bar features three different lengths (17", 20.5" and 26.4") with 2 point and 4 point options.
  • Also is compatible with all standard Prism Medical carry bars and accessories.
  • Tilting trolley design offers a 15 degree tilt to give more flexibility during the transfer and lifting process.
  • Three charging options available, including standard return to charge, continuous charging through the ceiling track and an On-Cable charging feature that charges through the handset.
  • Emergency stop and emergency down features enable for a quick stop of transfer and the automatic lowering of the patient in an emergency situation.
  • Antimicrobial strap featuring a specialized antimicrobial coated fiber to aid in infection control.
  • Optional Quick Release System (QRS) to enable easy inter-changeability of carry bars and accessories depending on client needs.
  • WiFi enabled to access diagnostic and service information through a computer or smart phone using the Network Communications Module (NCM) software.
  • Side access battery eliminates the need to remove lift from track for most standard service operations.
  • Lift Motor: 24 VDC
  • Power Traverse Motor: 24 VDC (Coming soon)
  • X-Y Frame Traverse Motor: 24 VDC (Coming soon)
  • Charger Alternate 1 Model: Soneil, PS2403SRM26
  • Charger Alternate 1 Input: 100-240 VAC 0.5 Amps, 50-60 Hz
  • Charger Alternate 1 Output: 24 VDC, 1.33Amps
  • Batteries: 24 VDC (2 x 12 VDC) 5.0 AH, Sealed Lead Acid
  • Lift Case: Flame Retardant ABS
  • Hand Control: Digital
  • Lifting Range: Up to 96” (2438mm)
  • Lift Weight: 21-23.5 lbs.(9.5-10.65Kg)
  • Maximum Load: A-450: 450lbs (204 Kgs). A-625: 625 lbs(283 Kgs).
  • Duty Cycle: 1 Min “ON” – 9 Mins “OFF”
  • Rated Performance: A-450: 50-60 lifts at maximum load. A-625: 30-40 lifts at maximum load
  • Max Sound Level:
  • Raising Max load 56.1 dB
  • Lowering Max load 60.3 dB
  • Service Life: 22500 Cycles or 10 years

Product Brochure

Product Numbers

  • A-450 Manual traverse: 314100
  • A-450 Manual traverse w/load cell and WiFi: 314103
  • A-625 Manual traverse: 324117
  • A-625 Manual traverse w/load cell and WiFi: 324120